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Being a woman, I can say that Menstruation has a great impact on our lives from many aspects of emotional state, lifestyle, mentality and most importantly, health.

Menstruation has always been a taboo that can’t be discussed openly. It has been surrounded by myths that keep out women from many social and cultural activities till date.  But in reality, it is a god damn biological process and a natural part of our reproductive cycle which cannot be ignored in any way.

This ill-founded mindset has to be changed because everything cannot be the same from ages.
Yes, we need pampering, care, and foremost love during our period.
Well, the other days don’t we take care of everyone in the family? So, there is no harm if we are taken care of for those days too!
Self-pampering and self-care are the main essentials for those days. Hence comes the introduction of Period Box. Like any other monthly subscription box, Period care Box is something that has been curated to calming down your uncounted PMS mood swings and helps you to feel better and happier during your periods.
Currently, I’m pampering myself with @Pinq World  polka box. its bold, it playful and makes you feel good while you on your period.  Pinqprovides high-end imported cotton feel sanitary pads and pantyliners. It comes packed in easy to carry pocket-sized disposable pouches in trendy bags filled with other products that you would need to feel good in your Period.