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About Us

PINQ is a startup working towards better health and hygiene of Women-on-the-Go. It provides premium quality hygiene essentials like Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners and Feminine Urinary Funnels for Women-on-the-Go. It follows a subscription based model through which hygiene essentials are provided at the doorstep of the customer, packed in a trendy designed, sturdy storage box with pocket sized disposable pouches for ease of carrying and disposing. Being the parent brand, PINQ has introduced two more brands called POLKA and Pee-on-the-Go.

Our Story

What began as just a need to take care of “Those Days” for Women-on-the-Go has led to a full-fledged startup called PINQ with expanding range of hygiene products. Being a single mother with a young daughter, the founder wanted to curate something to meet the daily hygiene requirements of Women-on-the-Go. PINQ as a brand aims to provide women, access to premium quality hygiene essentials for a “Feel Good Experience”.

The founder is a social entrepreneur with an intent to give back to the society by engaging under-privileged women in curating the boxes and by giving away free supply of sanitary pads to the needy for every product bought online.



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Our Team

Mannat Kharbanda

Our Design Partner


Varun Dewan

Our Social Media Partner


Dr. Aditi Madan

Research & Strategy Consultant