Sanitary Pads - Trial Pack (FOC)

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POLKA ultra-absorbent sanitary pads to suit all flow types during your period.
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Sanitary Pads - Trial Pack (FOC)

The pads are specifically designed for regular to heavy flow. Pads feature a premium cotton feel top sheet which is gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or rashes that can sometimes occur during menstruation, ensuring a comfortable fit. The use of high-quality cotton feel material adds an extra layer of comfort and ensures a pleasant experience throughout your period. The gel technology quickly absorbs and locks away the menstrual flow, preventing any discomfort or wetness. This feature helps you feel more comfortable and confident, even on heavy flow days. Double wings securely hold the pad in place, preventing any shifting or movement during physical activities, ensuring maximum leakage protection. The wider back of pads offers additional protection, extending the coverage area and minimizing the chances of leaks, particularly beneficial during night-time use or on heavier flow days.


  • 2 XXL (330 mm), 2 XL (300 mm) and 2 Regular (240 mm) pads
  • Packed in individual disposable pouches
  • Super soft cotton feel, hypoallergenic materials for a comfortable fit
  • Double wings for extra stability
  • Wider back offers extra protection
  • Premium cotton feel top sheet provides rashfree experience
  • Gel technology locks the liquid faster providing dry feel

How to Use

  1. Unwrap the pad and remove the protective paper from the adhesive side.
  2. Position the pad over your underpant with the adhesive side down, making sure it's centered.
  3. Press the pad firmly to secure it in place.
  4. Adjust the wings if applicable, by folding them over the sides of your underpant.
  5. Replace the pad as needed, typically every 4-6 hours, or more frequently for heavier flow.

Care Instructions:

  1. Wrap the used pads in the provided disposable bag and put in a sanitary waste bin.
  2. Do not flush pads down the toilet, as they can cause blockages in the plumbing system.


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What Customer Says

  • 100 % says
    After wearing PINQ pad there were no RASHES
  • 100 % says
    It doesn’t feel like you are wearing a pad as its so THIN
  • 100 % says
    It has a great absorbency and can be worn for hours
  • 95 % says
    They would not want to switch to any other pad after using PINQ
  • 100 % says
    The disposable pouches are of great help
  • 100% says
    The top sheet feels like COTTON SOFT

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FAQs for Trial Pack (Sanitary Pads)

It is recommended to change your sanitary pad every 4-6 hours, or more frequently if you experience heavy flow.

Yes, consider using a pad with a higher absorbency level or a longer size and design for adequate overnight protection.

While some people may not have issues with scented pads, they can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. It's best to use unscented pads to minimize the risk of irritation.

Choose a pad with a higher absorbency for heavier flow days and a lower absorbency for lighter days. Always opt for the lowest absorbency that meet your needs.

Yes, you can exercise while wearing a sanitary pad. Choose a pad with wings and a good fit to ensure it stays in place during physical activity.


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