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Special Edition Pack


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Feel the LOVE with our Special Edition Pack.. Spoil Yourself !!!


The Box Includes

  • Special Holographic Travel Pouch
  • 8 Premium cotton feel sanitary pads (Option to choose the size) or 20 premium cotton feel pantyliners
  • Sanitary pads and Pantyliners comes packed in a compact, pocket-sized disposable pouch
  • 2 Pee On The Go funnels
  • Intimate Wipes by Wiclenz
  • Travel edition hot water bottle
  • Lip Balm by Seer Secret
  • Heat Patch for pain relief
  • Rejuvenating sheet face mask
  • Charging cable protector
  • Green tea
  • A surprise gift
Pads/Pantyliners can't be Empty
Heavy Flow can't be Empty
Normal Flow can't be Empty