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I received my first pinq box after ordering it from nykaa!
The colors and prints are the most mesmerizing part of this whole idea. They make you feel feminine on those days and add a sense of grace even amidst all the gracelessness!
I got the those days box with 6 XL and 6 XXL products, and this is standard size availability on mykaa! However for my next order, I ordered from this website and could select the number required.
Now about the pads, the real reason I was looking for a better product was due to the rashes and harshness of the over the counter products.
These pads live upto these expectations since they’re soft and don’t feel itchy or give rashes. They don’t seem to be scented which is good since I was not looking for unnatural fragrances and chemicals.
Definitely going to buy again and probably subscribe to the routine packages.
Also amazing gifts sent which make you want to look forward to the next package!