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Amazon Customer

These sanitary napkins are absolutely amazing. During ‘that time of the month’ when I’m usually so moody, these napkins actually make my day lot better! Sounds weird but i was actually looking forward to getting my chums thanks to these pads. The pads are long and wide enough to wear outside without any worries.

Maria Godson

I stumbled upon the ad on insta and I could not be happier… I just record my THOSE DAYS box and I am speechless.. I GOT EVERYTHING I WANT AND EVEN. MORE.. I Had am Amazing support while clarifying my doubts thru insta chat and it just made me order the box in half an hour.. The pads are just like the description, super thin, soft, comfortable and makes me feel so much better even though I am on my period.. What else can a girl/woman ask during these special days.. Kudos to the PINQ team.. I am glad I got PINQD

Sanju Lohiya

Great !!

I came to know about this from YouTube video and was so excited to try it myself and by chance women’s day offer was also running that day ; I got a very very good deal . I was so happy to receive my pinq was and also before the date I selected. Packaging was on point and there were so many gifts which pampered me like anything.
Also the napkins quality and packing is so good and i really love my idea .
Loved every bit of it !! 😍😍😘
Thank you very much

Sushila Pharswan

I tried out this anion based sanitary napkin assuming it will be just like another napkin. But to my surprise it turned out excellent. . Being very thin, it fits your contour comfortably and is highly absorbent.. Having a super absorbent core it pulls away leakage from the edges. If you have had rashes using other napkins, then you must try Pinq napkins as they have a cottony cover that will prevent you from rashes.

Not only their regular pads even the panty liners are brilliant choice. They help you remain worry free about staining and without the hassle of wearing a pad. They are smaller and softer and perfect for maintaining hygiene on your “spotting days”.
Total Value for Money.


I’m going through a tough time in my life right now and on opening the box I was so happy I nearly cried

Kavita Bishnoi

Love your work, the way you deliver your product in a different style box makes me happy. Good work 👍


It was indeed a delight to receive the pack..its beautifully curated and i enjoyed a lot using it as it hsd colourful covers and extra free gifts..keep up the good work..

Aishwarya Pandey

I will run out of words !! Im speechless!! ThiS was the best gift one girl could have in her life! Very thoughtful of you.. im super duper happy! Thanku so much once again for bringing big smile on my face and changing my thinking towards PERIODS, actually periods are not at all bad now….thanku so much again…n keep it up…!!



Pinq has made 4 tough days of my every month less discomforting. Your pads are of high quality and I don/t worry about stains anymore. Best part about your product is unlike other pads that are made of too much plastic due to which my sensitive area used to have too much moisture collected during those days now I don’t have those issues.
Thank you.

Sushma Pradhan

The amazing box is here and i am thoroughly delighted to be using it. I suffered lots of rashes, somehow my regular brand was not suiting me. Thanks for the great boon.

Vishwa Chandarana

I received my first pinq box after ordering it from nykaa!
The colors and prints are the most mesmerizing part of this whole idea. They make you feel feminine on those days and add a sense of grace even amidst all the gracelessness!
I got the those days box with 6 XL and 6 XXL products, and this is standard size availability on mykaa! However for my next order, I ordered from this website and could select the number required.
Now about the pads, the real reason I was looking for a better product was due to the rashes and harshness of the over the counter products.
These pads live upto these expectations since they’re soft and don’t feel itchy or give rashes. They don’t seem to be scented which is good since I was not looking for unnatural fragrances and chemicals.
Definitely going to buy again and probably subscribe to the routine packages.
Also amazing gifts sent which make you want to look forward to the next package!

Bhargavi V

Love the stuff !!!
Hi, Thanks a lot for the email..!!
I’m loving the product and the packing.. and really happy with the other cool free stuff..
Would be great if you have three different sizes of pad (not counting the liner) just to optimize the environment impact.. !! ️ And hope these are eco friendly as degrades faster..
Great to see this feedback email.. I’ve spent many years in fmcg and feminine hygiene is close to heart..!!
Best wishes and looking forward to interact more..!!

Abha Sharma

Amazing Stuff !!!
I loved the fact that you people took the initiative to think about such an important aspect of every females life as being on periods is a very sensitive time and being hygienic is a must..havingCotten pads at that time is like a blessing as they are lot more soft easy and no rash rash
I am very happy and statisfed
And I love the way they are packed just the way every girl likes it..nice cute customised packings
Well done🏻
I have recommended the same to many of my friends and we all are really satisfied
Thank you

Sakshi Singh

So I ordered my those days box as a new year gift and it did not disappoint me at all. It’s box full of goodies which will surely make you feel pampered. Upon using the sanitary pads firstly they ain’t smelly like those gel pads. Second you don’t feel like there is anything between your legs, it’s that thin. Thank you PinQ for understanding us girls.