Breast Lift Cups

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Premium reusable Boob Lift Cups for perfect breast lift without the need for a traditional bra
Color nude
Size A-B

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Breast Lift Cups

Our breast lift cups offer a comfortable and discreet way to enhance your natural shape and provide lift without the need for a traditional bra. Made from super soft, flexible silicone, these cups adhere gently to your skin while remaining virtually invisible under clothing. The self-adhesive backing ensures a secure fit, making them perfect invisible bras for use with strapless, backless, or plunging neckline outfits.


  • Pack of 2 reusable cups
  • Made up of nylon and spandex
  • To suit small to moderate bust (A to C cup size)
  • Nude colour
  • 10 hour plus sticking capacity
  • Reusable and washable up to 20 times
  • Self-adhesive backing for a secure fit
  • Provides lift and shape without a bra
  • Discreet and virtually invisible under clothing

How to Use

  • Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free of oils, moisturizers, or powders.
  • Remove the protective film from the adhesive side of the breast lift cup.
  • Position the cup on your breast, adhesive side down, with the bottom edge sitting just above the nipple.
  • Press the cup gently onto your breast, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Repeat the process with the other cup.
  • Adjust the position of the cups as needed to achieve the desired lift and shape.

Care Instructions:

  • Do not use any abrasive cleaners or alcohol-based products on the cups, as this can damage the adhesive.
  • Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged, sunburned skin or open cuts.
  • Avoid use if you have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems
  • Remove immediately if you experience a burning sensation


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  • 100 % says
    after wearing the cups they got a PERFECT LIFT
  • 100 % says
    it is more comfortable as wearing a Bra
  • 100 % says
    It gives a great shape to every dress
  • 95 % says
    They would not want to switch to any other product after using PINQ
  • 100 % says
    100 % says the cups can be worn upto 15 times
  • 100% says
    The cups have great sticking capacity

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Snehal Kurade

Loved the product..

Kell Dan
Very Easy,Comfy n Unnoticeable

From the time I've bought these breast lift cups, I'm using it continuously daily as the temperature rising I can't bare to wear tight Brasserie so I'm happy with my purchase. N it's reusable feature is also good but how long is questionable. The plastic cover is not good quality to be used on daily
basis, give it a quality upgrade.

Verified Buyer
Not much help

Does not support post maternity saggy boobs. Does get loose when sweating. Also if this is the quality can find lot of low price options on Amazon.

Priyanka Sathaye
Good product but needs improvement

The cups are great but once you use them, you need to provide good quality plastic sheets to store them well for next time.
They come loose while swimming.

Kabir Jain
Good quality but limited use

Product quality is good but the moment I received the boob lift cups I realised that they cannot be used with even moderately deep or braid necklines as they show. They can only be used with halters, high necks or plunge necklines. Also the plastic peel is v flimsy, can tear easily and is hardly reusable. I am not quite sure how to store them after use . There should be clear instructions on how to store the cups after use to protect the sticky side. I was very excited about this product but all in all , my experience is mixed.

FAQs for Boob Lift Cups

Boob lift cups can typically be worn for up to 8-12 hours at a time. Monitor your skin for any signs of irritation and remove the cups if discomfort occurs.

Gently wash the cups with mild water after each use. Allow them to air dry completely before storing them in a cool, dry place.

Some boob lift cups may be water-resistant or waterproof, making them suitable for swimming.

Boob lift cups come in various sizes and styles, designed to accommodate different breast sizes and shapes. This is suitable light to moderate bust size and A-C cup.

Clean and dry your skin before applying the cups. Position the cups on your breasts, ensuring they cover the desired area, and gently press the adhesive side onto your skin, smoothing out any wrinkles or air bubbles.

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