PINQ is a reflection of you 'the millennial woman'. Inspired from the essence of your being 'happy and woke'. PINQ strives to make intimate care a ‘Feel-Good Experience’.

What began as just a need to take care of “Those Days” for Women-on-the-Go has led to a full-fledged startup called PINQ. The founder is a social entrepreneur and a single mother with a young daughter, who felt the need for self-care and for addressing the everyday health and hygiene requirements of Women-on-the-Go leading to an ever-expanding range of products in the health and hygiene category under the brand.

PINQ provides premium, individually packed hygiene essentials in a reusable storage box with the option of customization and subscription. The subscription-based model offers doorstep delivery with products packed in a trendy yet sturdy reusable box. Each product is individually packed in pocket sized disposable pouches for ease of carrying and disposal. Besides, a refill-based model is also available for select items to top-up your box with essentials. The option for choosing travel potlis is also available which comes along with a special gift to pamper you!

Under parent brand PINQ, POLKA offers a pocket-friendly version of hygiene essentials like sanitary pads, panty liners, breast pads and sweat pads without any such frills. Pee-on-the-Go provides women with the ease of standing and peeing using disposable urinary funnels and avoiding infection from using dirty toilets. In the ever-expanding range of personal care products, we recently introduced face masks to add to our list of hygiene essentials for the new normal.

To extend the duty of giving back to the society, PINQ engages under-privileged women to curate signature hygiene essential boxes. We organize awareness and sensitization sessions to educate people on menstrual hygiene as well as good hygiene practices in general. To have you as a part our social initiative, we distribute free sanitary pads to the needy for every PINQ product you buy online.