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PINQ Boxes

PINQ provides premium quality hygiene essentials for Women-on-the-Go. It comes in individually packed, trendy paisley designed pouches & reusable boxes. Opt for Subscription
Offers to Save More!!! Travel pouches also available.

– Premium organic COTTON top sheet to provide utmost COMFORT

– Super SOFT

– Ideal for sensitive skin – No RASHES


– No harmful chemicals

– Ease of DISPOSAL

– Eco friendly, bio-degradable packaging


Its BOLD, its Playful, its Premium, its Pocket friendly and makes you feel good while you on your PERIOD. POLKA brings you just the right affordable product range with premium cotton feel Sanitary Pads & Pantyliners.

– Premium organic COTTON top sheet to provide utmost COMFORT

– Extremely soft on skin

– No Rashes


– Eco friendly, bio-degradable packaging


Bid goodbye to “PEE” worries and just STAND AND PEE with our feminine urinary funnels which offer protection from getting infection from dirty toilets. Ideal for:

– Travellers

– Party Goers

– Outdoor events

– Pregnant women

– Arthritis patients

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Our Customers Believe In Us...

These sanitary napkins are absolutely amazing. During ‘that time of the month’ when I’m usually so moody, these napkins actually make my day lot better! 

Amazon Customer

I stumbled upon the ad on   Insta and I could not be happier… I just received my THOSE DAYS box and I am speechless..

Maria Godson

  I ordered this box from nykaa..I loved the box.. as I was expecting only a box with pads but I got one lotion and hand written note which was good. 
Nehal Singhania