Reusable Seamless Fashion Panties (Pack of 2)

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Premium Fashion Panties are perfect for that seamless look with no Pantylines.
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Reusable Seamless Fashion Panties (Pack of 2)

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Now you can say goodbye to panty lines forever. Our Reusable Fashion Panties offers a comfortable solution for providing perfect shape and look with no panty lines. Made from skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and stretchable materials. These panties fits perfectly to your skin while remaining gentle and irritation-free. These panties are made with hot-pressed edging and no stitching, which is more suitable for your delicate skin, giving you a gentle and comfortable experience

Ideal for use with long slit dresses, tight pants, tight fitted dresses, sheer dresses, wedding gowns etc.


  • 1 Nude & 1 Black Colour
  • Nude panty made of cotton and lace material and Black panty made of spandex lycra
  • 15" length and 4.75" wide.
  • Suits slim to moderate body size
  • 10-12 hour plus sticking capacity
  • Reusable and can be used upto 20 times
  • Skinfriendly, hypoallergenic, and stretchable materials
  • Flexible and customizable for a comfortable fit
  • Adhesive backing for secure attachment

How to Use

  • Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free of oils, moisturizers, or powders,  otherwise it will reduce the effect of the adhesive
  • Remove the protective backing from the adhesive side of the panty. Store the paper safely to put it back for reusing later.
  • Position the front of the panty in the desired area and press firmly onto your skin.
  • Wrap the panty through your legs and press in place above your tailbone.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles to ensure a seamless look.

Care Instructions:

  • Take care not to use any abrasive cleaners or alcohol-based products on the tape, as this can damage the adhesive
  • Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged, sunburned skin or open cuts.
  • Avoid use if you have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems
  • Remove immediately if you experience a burning sensation

Directions for removal and care: 

  • Peel the panty from your skin.
  • Hand wash the panty and the adhesive with a normal water/mild soap and lay flat to dry.
  • After drying, cover the sticker on the silicone adhesive to avoid contact with dust.
  • The product can be reused, hand wash with neutral detergent and warm water.

How to Use?

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  • 100 % says
    After wearing these they got a perfect SEAMLESS look
  • 100 % says
    It is more comfortable as wearing a cotton panty
  • 100 % says
    It gives a great shape to every tight dress
  • 100 % says
    The panties can be washed easily and worn upto 15 times
  • 100 % says
    The panty has great sticking capacity
  • 95 % says
    They would not want to switch to any other panty after using PINQ

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

These C-string panties are an absolute game-changer! They provide seamless coverage while being incredibly comfortable


I love how these C-string panties eliminate panty lines without sacrificing comfort. Truly the best invention. These C-strings are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. They're comfortable, discreet, and stylish


The seamless design of these C-string panties is genius! They're perfect for wearing under tight-fitting clothing."


I can't believe how comfortable these C-strings are! It's like they were made just for me. These C-string panties are a game-changer for workouts. They provide support without any discomfort.


Finally found seamless panties that don't ride up or dig in. These C-strings are a dream!. Obsessed with the comfort and style of these C-string panties. They're my new go-to!

FAQs for Fashion Panties

Our Reusable Seamless Fashion Panties are designed to be used up to 15 times with proper care and maintenance.

Yes, our panties are made from skin-friendly, hypoallergenic materials, making them suitable for all skin types.

Please ensure to keep silicon papers stuck on silicon while you remove it. And paste it back while you remove and keep it to store.

Absolutely! Our Reusable Fashion Panties are ideal for use with long slit dresses, tight pants, tight-fitted dresses, sheer dresses, wedding gowns, and more.

To maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the adhesive, hand wash the panties with a mild soap and water after each use, then lay flat to dry. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or alcohol-based products on the adhesive.

Yes, our panties are made from breathable materials and are designed to remain comfortable even in hot or humid conditions.

It's recommended to apply our panties on clean, dry skin free from oils, moisturizers, or powders, as these substances may reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

It is suitable for all type of weights size of individual as we have 2 sizes to choose from depending on the crotch size.

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