Pee on the Go urinals

No more squatting or fretting over getting infections from dirty toilets when you can Stand and Pee with ‘Pee-on-the-Go’ portable urinary funnels

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Pee on the Go urinals

‘Pee-on-the-Go’ urinary funnels, also known as female urination devices (FUDs) or portable urination devices, are devices designed to assist women in urinating while standing up. Often used in situations where access to clean or suitable toilet facilities is limited or when it's challenging to squat or sit down.


  • Pack of 10 disposable funnels
  • To suit all sizes
  • Single-time use with superior sticking
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable

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FAQs for Pee on the Go urinals

Urinary funnels are typically funnel-shaped devices that allow women to direct their urine flow away from the body while standing. They are designed to fit against the female anatomy and guide urine into a desired receptacle, such as a toilet, a bottle, or a sanitary disposal bag.

Urinary funnels can be useful in various situations, including outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or festivals where toilet facilities are limited or unsanitary. They can also be beneficial for women with certain medical conditions or mobility limitations that make it difficult to use traditional toilets.

In general, you position the funnel against your body, ensuring a secure fit and a seal to avoid leaks. Aim the funnel's spout towards the desired receptacle, relax, and urinate.

When used properly and disposed of appropriately, urinary funnels can be hygienic. It's essential to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain cleanliness and prevent the growth of bacteria. If using disposable funnels, make sure to dispose of them properly after use.

No. Urinary funnels are designed for single-use only.

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